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Whether your child is learning a new language or already fluent, our unique in-person and online Spanish Immersion classes offer a fun, highly interactive, and encouraging atmosphere that immerses your child into the Spanish language in a way that is appropriate for his or her age and skill level.

Learn more about our approach to learning and read our class descriptions below, or enroll in a FREE TRIAL class today!

We're passionate about teaching Spanish! 

We invite you to come visit us (see map) and see for yourself!  

Our small group in-person and online Spanish Immersion classes are unique and specifically designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and cooperative learning!  Our original Spanish curriculum, designed by our experienced, credentialed teachers, incorporates a wide variety of fun and engaging activities allowing our teachers to be more effective and do more with your child, resulting in superior Spanish instruction and student achievement! 


Here's what makes our program especially unique:

  • ALL of our elementary age teachers have a valid teaching credential and/or BCLAD authorization (Bilingual, Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development), and significant classroom and/or administrative experience

  • ALL of our teachers are native Spanish speakers

  • ALL of our teachers are highly qualified and knowledgeable about Latin American culture, and passionate about what they do

  • ALL of our classes are small group, allowing for personalized learning opportunities, and individualized/differentiated instruction that challenges students to reach their full potential

  • We use our own content-based curriculum, designed with each of our students in mind, that shows results! Curriculum is continually monitored and altered throughout the year based on our students' needs in each class. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to learning. 

  • We employ project based learning and take advantage of every classroom opportunity to teach Spanish, no matter what we're doing

  • Our classes incorporate multiple theoretical approaches for learning to reach all students and different learning styles

  • We integrate technology that enhances the classroom learning experience (1:1 iPads for student use in the classroom, all loaded with educational apps such as Kahoot!, Blooket and more!)

  • All of our classes take advantage of whole group and small group center time instruction

  • Use of instructional TPR (Total Physical Response)

  • Feedback from teachers and strategies to support at-home learning

  • Brain breaks to promote and facilitate learning

  • FREE online subscription to Raz-Kids for all enrolled students

  • FREE Seesaw account which is used to post, collect, and provide feedback on your child’s work

Our online classes offer:

  • Live Zoom instruction from the same credentialed and experienced instructors who teach our in-person classes

  • A Seesaw account, where student work is assigned and collected, and where additional activities are posted.  Students are also able to communicate with their teacher via Seesaw

  • Access to interactive learning games such as Kahoot!, Flipgrid, JeopardyLabs, and Quizlet, for select classes

  • A FREE Raz-Kids account, where students will have access to leveled reading books in Spanish at home

  • Our online classes are safe and secure.  We limit screen sharing, enable waiting rooms, all meetings are password protected, and the class is locked to new participants once the last student joins

  • Small class sizes (10 or less students per class)

  • FREE online subscription to Raz-Kids for all enrolled students

  • FREE Seesaw account which is used to post, collect, and provide feedback on your child’s work


No contracts | No registration fees | No material or supply fees


- Learn more about our in-person and online classes below - 


Spanish Immersion Classes (Conversational)

  • In-person Spanish Immersion Classes 

    • $229 (1.5 hrs. x 2 days per week)

    • $169 (1 hr. x 2 days per week)

    • $139 (1.5 hrs. x 1 day per week)

    • $99 (1 hr. x 1 day per week)

  • In-Person Parent & Me​ Classes

    • $99 (45 min. x 1 day per week)​

  • Online Spanish Immersion Classes

    • $169 (1 hr. x 2 day per week) 

  • All pricing above is for 4 weeks

  • 12 students or less per class (except for Parent & Me, which is 8 students or less per class, and our online classes which are 10 students or less)

Class Description

Our Conversational Spanish Immersion classes are designed for students of all levels--for those just starting to learn the concepts of print, for early readers, and also for those students who need a more challenging and rigorous environment.


Classes offer students a full immersion, small-group classroom setting that is a fun and play-based (for our younger students). These classes focus primarily on conversational Spanish, although our more rigorous Level 3 classes will include all academic disciplines, plus encourage and focus on students' presentation skills. 

​Our Spanish Immersion classes are taught using a thematic approach, and are designed to include a rich set of developmentally appropriate activities for learning Spanish such as read-alouds, music/songs, poems, games, movement, crafts, visual aids, student presentations, writing journals, and more.  Our teachers focus on introducing new concepts and teach Spanish by relying and building on your child’s current knowledge, by teaching concepts that they’re already familiar with in their native language, by comparing and contrasting vocabulary, and by applying higher order of thinking skills during class. Many of our activities are project-based and incorporate a wide variety of activities and academic skills.  We also differentiate our instruction according to students’ age and level of proficiency, and our goal is to incorporate numerous activities to reach all different learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).


Our in-person and online classes also incorporate the use of technology.   We use learning games such as Kahoot!, Lotería, JeopardyLabs, Quizlet and Blooket to make learning fun and to reinforce classroom concepts. Students are provided with access to online interactive activities via Seesaw so learning can continue at home and outside of class.  Our program’s main goal is to provide as much access to the Spanish language as possible in class as well as outside of class, while still making learning fun and engaging.  


Rather than just being able to say a few words in Spanish, our goal is for each child to have fun, develop a deep understanding of the language, and leave class with a desire to learn!


Intro to Spanish: For students who are new to the language and have not had any prior exposure to Spanish.

Level 1: For students who are currently enrolled in a Level 1 class, and/or have had limited exposure to Spanish.

Level 2: For students who can carry a very basic conversation in Spanish (name, age, where you live, etc.), and/or have Spanish support at home.  Students should have adequate knowledge of colors, numbers, shapes, days of the week, and months of the year.

Level 3: For students who can carry a more advanced conversation in Spanish (talk about likes, dislikes, attempt to use some present and past tense). Students are expected to read and write at a basic level in Spanish, and should have mastered colors, numbers, shapes, days of the week, and months of the year.

Literacy: For current/former dual immersion students and/or native or fluent Spanish speakers.  These classes primarily focus on literacy, reading fluency, comprehension, and writing.

(Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions regarding placement in any of our classes.)


Spanish Immersion Classes (Literacy)

  • In-person Spanish Immersion Classes 

    • $139 (1.5 hrs. x 1 day per week)

  • Online Spanish Immersion Classes

    • $169 (1 hr. x 2 days per week) 

  • All pricing above is for 4 weeks

  • 12 students or less per class (except for our online classes which are 10 students or less)

Class Description

Our Spanish Immersion Literacy classes focus primarily on literacy, reading fluency and comprehension. 


For our younger students, these classes focus on mastering recognition of the letters of the Spanish alphabet and their matching sounds. Students focus on syllables and distinguishing how they are used in selected words. Vocabulary introduced in class is built on those words selected for the syllables. Teachers also focus on number recognition, number order, and the beginning steps of addition.  

For our older students, those students currently enrolled in a DLI program, and our native/fluent Spanish speakers, our Literacy classes provide students a challenging environment to help build their Spanish literacy skills and continue working on reading, writing, and comprehension.  These classes focus on and incorporate fluency, reading strategies, comprehension skills, as well as higher order of thinking skills.  Our main goal is to challenge students and help them to continue to build fluency in Spanish. Our curriculum is tailored to our students' needs and we focus on areas of weakness, to help ensure that our DLI students continue to make progress in the language. Students will be assigned a Seesaw account, for assigning and collecting student work.  Teachers will also be able to respond and interact with students via the Seesaw app. 



  • Currently enrolled in a Dual Language Immersion program, and/or a native or fluent Spanish speaker.  This requirement only applies to our incoming K-3rd grade classes.


Cultural Summer Camps

  • In-person Spanish Immersion Classes

    • $229 per week (3 hours x 4 days per week)

  • 12 students or less per class

Class Description

Our Cultural Summer Camps are one week-long (M-Th, 3 hrs./day) adventures where students are immersed into the Spanish language in a relaxed environment as they explore the culture, geography, music, dance, art, and cuisine of various Spanish-speaking countries.


Through hands-on projects, arts, crafts, games, dance, music, and much more, we'll spend four weeks learning about Latin America, South America, the Caribbean, and Spain in new and exciting ways!

WEEK 1 – We'll explore Latin/South American, the Caribbean, and Spanish geography, famous landmarks, history and art.  We'll study some of the indigenous tribes that controlled Latin America, how they communicated and explore their wonderful art. Students will build models of famous landmarks, and create art that is meaningful to these regions. 

WEEKS 2 & 3 – We'll spend two weeks focusing on food and cuisine!  Each day we'll explore a different type of cuisine from a Spanish speaking country. We'll learn a little bit about the history of that country's cuisine and explore the variety of ingredients they use. We'll also focus on other key concepts such as units and measuring (in Spanish), how to read and follow a basic recipe, and most importantly how to work together as a team!

WEEK 4 – It's not a Summer Camp, without music and dance! This week, we focus on the various music styles and dance from Latin/South American countries, the Caribbean, and Spain.  We'll discuss different genres, where they originated, the types of instruments used, learn about famous musicians, and SING and DANCE to everything we've learned about. By the end of the week, students will be ready for a quinceañera and more!

Our camps are led by a native Spanish speaker and credentialed classroom teacher.  Classes are limited to only 12 students so we’re able to provide as much individualized attention, and have as much fun as possible!

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